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Recording Industry Adds 'Explicitly Christian' Warning Label To Kanye’s New Album

U.S.—In a move designed to protect listeners from content deemed too offensive, the Recording Industry Association of America will add a new "Explicitly Christian" warning label to Kanye West’s latest album, Jesus Is King.

“The new ‘EC’ label will ensure that no one is accidentally exposed to the shockingly Christian messages Kanye is spouting,” a spokesperson for the RIAA told sources. “Consumers deserve to be warned about objectionable lyrics like ‘I b*w down to the K**g’ and ‘accept Him as your L*rd and S***ior’.”

“There’s even an entire song about Chick-fil-A on the album,” he added with a shudder.

At publishing time, the RIAA considered applying the label to all contemporary Christian music but found most of it was too watered down and not explicitly Christian enough to justify the warning.

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