In Teleprompter Gaffe, Biden Says His Vice Presidential Pick Is 'Insert Woman Of Color Here'
Politics · Aug 11, 2020 ·

U.S - In an unfortunate gaffe, Biden misspoke during his VP announcement after a staffer failed to update the teleprompter with the name "Kamala Harris." 

"I'm Boe Jiden," he began. "And I'm pleased to announce my VP pick is... is... insert woman of color here! OH WOW, that's great!" Biden was then interrupted by a staffer who whispered something in his ear.

"Oh! Jamala Karris! Nice! Ok, that sounds good. Wow, she's a looker too. Rafael Harris everyone! The new president!" 

Biden's feed was quickly cut before he could continue. Experts have confirmed that Kamala Harris is indeed a woman, and she is also of color, meeting the two most important requirements for leadership of the country. According to sources, Harris is also getting her CPR certification so she can provide critical care and resuscitate Biden when needed. 

The teleprompter operator responsible for the gaffe is a young woman of color named Hilarisha Clintonoba. She has been let go from the Biden campaign. 


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