Racist Joe Biden Bans Travel From Africa
Politics · Nov 26, 2021 · BabylonBee.com

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Americans are appalled after learning the racist President Biden has banned travel from 8 African countries.

"If you are able to travel freely to America, then you ain't black," said Biden. "We have a new COVID variant or something like that. All the Africans have gotta stay out." 

Voters are reporting that they are devastated to learn Biden is just as racist as Trump was when he restricted travel from China. Just like when Trump did it, Biden's racist travel ban is obviously an attempt to keep people of color out of our country while using COVID as an excuse. Sad! 

Civil rights groups and various liberal organizations have not yet come out and condemned the racist, xenophobic travel ban as they did during the Trump travel ban. This is probably just because they forgot, or maybe they had too many Thanksgiving leftovers and fell asleep. 

Experts estimate that between 3 and 4 billion marginalized people of color throughout Africa will die as a result of this travel ban. Biden has said he may make some exceptions for travelers who are "clean and articulate." 

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