Progressive Family Adds New Planned Parenthood Location To Christmas Village Display
Lifestyle · Nov 28, 2022 ·

WESTON, MA — In a powerful statement on women's reproductive rights, a local family has added a Planned Parenthood location to their elaborate Christmas village display.

"As we looked at the quaint little village we had created, we realized there was something missing: a place for the little porcelain villagers to go when they need to get rid of an unwanted baby," said Karen Loudstone, while adjusting the sign on the 1:32 scale abortion clinic. "Everyone knows you can't make holiday wishes come true without abortion access!"

The clinic comes complete with a tiny figure of a pregnant woman as well as a biohazard waste dumpster for the clinic workers to dump discarded children for the cute little porcelain garbage truck to pick up on Thursdays. To give the village a more realistic feel, the Loudstone family also removed 1 in 5 children from the festive display.

"Sometimes in the hustle and bustle of the holidays, we forget what this time is all about," said Loudstone. "This time is about family, friends, and the children we abort for our own personal convenience."

At publishing time, the family had also added a drag queen to the little library building down the street.

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