7 Things We At The Babylon Bee Are Thankful For This Year
Sponsored · Nov 28, 2022 · BabylonBee.com

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What a year 2022 has been! We have so much to be thankful for at the Bee. The world may be a roiling cauldron of hellish insanity sliding into oblivion, but it's a funny roiling cauldron of hellish insanity sliding into oblivion! What a ride!

Here are some of our most cherished blessings of the current year:

  1. The ex-Twitter employee who decided to ban The Babylon Bee: This person may have inadvertently saved free speech!
  2. African American businessmen with an extra $44 billion lying around: Greater love has no man than this, that he spend $44 billion to free his friends from Twitter jail.
  3. The Disinformation Governance Board: It was sadly short-lived, but gave us so much material!
  4. Our wives, who are the strength and inspiration behind all we do: Hopefully she's reading this.
  5. Our kids, for giving us an excuse to watch Bluey: The greatest show ever made.
  6. The massive red wave that gave Republicans control of both houses of Congress: We wrote this article a while ago.
  7. The everlasting faithfulness of a loving God, who died for our sins and offers us a living hope for the future: Now we invite you to come forward as the music plays softly. Every head bowed, every eye closed...

NOT SATIRE: The Power of Being Thankful - The Science Proves It!

By now, it's no secret that practicing gratitude allows our brains to release serotonin and dopamine - two "feel good" chemicals that positively impact mood, willpower, and motivation. But what's not as well known is that regularly engaging in a gratitude routine strengthens these neural pathways. Over time, practicing gratitude will "train" your brain to focus on what's going well versus what isn't. And that leads to all sorts of positive outcomes — mental and physical.

Gratitude isn't just good for our brains; it's good for business. When someone receives gratitude, the same feel-good chemicals are released, which can create higher levels of motivation and satisfaction at work. Here at ExploreFlix we're thankful for the positive impact our flims are having on our viewers.

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