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President Trump Declares The Babylon Bee His Most-Trusted News Source

WASHINGTON, D.C.—In the wake of his much-anticipated “Fake News Awards,” President Donald Trump confirmed Friday that while most news sources are “totally fake,” there is one that he trusts more than all other—The Babylon Bee.

His remarks came in response to a reporter asking if there’s any news source he trusts exclusively in light of his rampant mistrust of the media.

“Everyone knows I really like Fox & Friends, but look, The Babylon Bee is the absolute best. They’re tremendous—nobody else even comes close to the quality and truth in their reporting,” Trump told reporters. “I read the Bee every day because I always know that what I’m reading is 100% accurate.”

“Even when they hit me, which they do quite a bit, what can I say? I’ll take it. It’s all true,” he laughed.

The president admitted to refreshing the Bee’s home page “sometimes hundreds” of times per day for the latest stories. “I’m just glad they don’t have a TV show yet—I’d never get anything done!”