Praise The Lord: Justin Bieber Just Retroactively Inserted The Word 'Jesus' Into His Entire Catalog And This Is EVERYTHING
Celebs · Apr 27, 2018 ·

Stop what you're doing and listen up, fam. Whatever you've got going isn't as important as this little bit of common grace from on high: Justin Bieber just re-released his entire discography, adding the word "Jesus" in place of words like "Baby" and "girl."

The new collection is called Jesus Is My World 3.0 and we. Are. LOVING IT!

Hit songs like "Baby" simply became titled "Jesus" in this worshipful re-release, with powerful lyrics like "And I was like, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, oh!" and "Are we an item? Jesus, quit playin'" sprinkled throughout.

Just check out this lit track list, it's so extra and it's everything we never knew we needed in life:

  • Sorry, Jesus
  • Deny Yourself
  • As Long as He Loves Me
  • (Jesus Is My) Boyfriend
  • What Do (These Confusing Bible Passages) Mean?
  • Preach to Me Despacito
  • One Less Atheist Girl
  • Never Say The Lord's Name In Vain

The Biebs was super-excited to show his fans his work, telling us that his spiritual journey began long ago when he pointed out that the wise men followed the star the way he follows his heart in his 2011 holiday hit "Mistletoe."

"God's been pursuing me, despacito but surely," he said. "Now fans can enjoy my entire catalog while worshiping our Lord and Savior."

Say it with us: This is EVERYTHING.

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