Politician Baffles Nation By Doing Exactly What He Said He Was Going To
Politics · Jan 17, 2022 · BabylonBee.com

RICHMOND, VA - Glenn Youngkin shocked the country this week after taking office and immediately doing exactly what he told everyone he was going to do when he took office. 

"Today, I'm taking office, and I'm going to immediately fulfill the promises I ran for office on," said Youngkin to an astonished crowd. 

Thousands of people then gasped in horror as Youngkin ended mask mandates and prohibited the forced Communist race-war indoctrination known as CRT in public schools.

"He... he CAN'T DO THAT!" shrieked progressive parents. "Our children have a God-given right to state-enforced Communist indoctrination while wearing 3 masks! Youngkin is a literal Nazi!" 

The progressive parents then built a massive gulag for their kids and forced them to wear 3 masks to get back at Glenn Youngkin. 

Watchdog groups warn that if Youngkin is successful in implementing his 3rd campaign promise - cutting burdensome regulations - the state could descend into death, misery, and fascism. 

Strangely, the election of Youngkin still hasn't been enough to drive progressives to want to move to D.C.

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