Pictures Of Santa Coming Down The Chimney In Blackface Surface

NORTH POLE—Santa Claus has become embroiled in controversy yet again, this time as new pictures have emerged of the magical fat man sliding down a chimney in blackface.

The pictures, sent to news outlets by the Easter Bunny, clearly show Santa Claus popping out of multiple chimneys with his face covered in offensive dark makeup.

"Santa is canceled!" one blue checkmark wrote on Twitter. "Christmas was already an oppressive holiday celebrating the birth of a child when our climate is in peril and there should be no more humans coming into the world. This is just the last straw."

"This is extremely offensive," said Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. "Rather than dress up in an authentic African-American disguise that respects their culture, Mr. Claus has culturally appropriated dark skin and incorporated it into his European-inspired red outfit. He didn't even get the skin tone right!" Trudeau then offered to help Santa Claus apply makeup correctly the next time he decides to dress in blackface.

Santa Claus has apologized for the gaffe, though he was then seen eating non-gluten-free cookies and was canceled again.

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