That's All Folks: Here Are 10 More Looney Tunes Characters That Must Be Canceled
The Babylon Bee · Mar 8, 2021 ·

Looney Tunes has long been a hotbed of racism and sexism, silently indoctrinating young viewers to uphold the patriarchy and white supremacy. Their cancelation of Pepe Le Pew is a great first step, but they have a looooong way to go. Here are 10 more Looney Tunes characters who should be removed immediately:

Bugs Bunny, for insensitive portrayals of cross-dressers: Not all cross-dressers are cruel, murderous bunnies. Bugs Bunny's insensitive portrayal contributes to a host of horrible phobias and people are literally dying and how has he not been canceled yet? 

Foghorn Leghorn, for glorifying the Antebellum South: We know Foghorn is just a rooster, but based on the way he talks, he is probably also a slave-holder and maybe even a Confederate general. Unacceptable. 

Marvin the Martian, for blackface: How, how, how, is this even acceptable in 2021? I don't care if you're an alien from Mars. Blackface is unacceptable no matter who you are or what planet you're from. And don't even get us started on the harmful portrayal of foreign aliens.

Elmer Fudd, for an ableist portrayal of people with speech impediments: Why does the only Looney Tunes character with a serious speech impediment also have to be an incompetent idiot who can never catch the "pesky wabbit?" We're not laughing. Not at all. 

Daffy Duck, who is not voiced by a person of color: Seriously- he's a black duck and he talks like a lispy white guy from New Jersey. Not on our watch. 

Porky Pig, who is clearly a cop: Now is not the time for sympathetic police officer characters. Thanks, but no thanks. Take your systemic oppression elsewhere. 

Speedy Gonzalez, for cultural appropriation of Roadrunner: His stereotypical Mexican features are fine. His real offense is being a blatant copy of Roadrunner, wearing his culture like a cheap sombrero.

Lola Bunny, for setting unrealistic beauty standards for furry cosplay nerds: How is your average female cosplay artist supposed to compete with that?

Tweety Bird, who uses racial profiling in looking for threats: Oh, you taw a puddy-tat, did you? Check your prejudice, you bigoted bird.

Hugo the Abominable Snowman, an all-white character: Do we not have enough white characters already? On the plus side, he is called "abominable" so maybe he can stay as a reminder of white abominableness.

Time for all of these characters to go. Maybe then, we can begin healing. That's all, folks! 


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