Biden's Video Editor Pieces Together 2 Minutes Of Coherent Remarks From 2 Hours Of Raw Footage
Politics · Mar 9, 2021 ·

WASHINGTON, D.C. - It's another day in the Biden administration, and the president's brilliant video and sound editor Kal Kamden is hard at work sifting through hours of raw footage and multiple takes in order to piece together a coherent sentence for Biden's latest statement.

"It's hard work, but totally worth it," said Kamden. "It's important for the country to have confidence in the president's ability to use words and string them into a sentence to form a complete thought. That's an important part of leadership."

According to Kamden, Biden's latest statement, "Happy International Women's Day to all women and women of color," required 328 takes over the course of an afternoon, and the final video was pieced together from 85 cuts of footage to form a complete Biden sentence.

"Wow, it looks so real-- you can't even tell," said one observer. "Thanks to the magic of video editing, it looks like the president can talk! Brilliant!" 

While it is daunting work, Kamden said he is proud to serve President Biden's agenda to appear alive while signing a lot of executive orders. He is currently preparing sophisticated Deepfake technology to simulate the president and save all the editing in the future.  


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