Pelosi Confused By Strange Word 'Laws' These Peasants Keep Using
Politics · Sep 6, 2020 ·

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - Amid a controversy involving getting her hair done and possibly being set up like some kind of patsy, Nancy Pelosi has been hearing a weird word some of the lower classes keep using: "laws."

"Huh? Laws? What are those?" Pelosi asked, confused after hearing rumors that people were upset she was breaking them.

"So these 'laws' are like rules or guidelines the peasants are supposed to follow?" asked a confused Pelosi to one of her many servants. The servant explained that laws are a set of agreed-upon rules that everyone abides by. 

"That sounds awful! Why don't they just stop being peasants? I wouldn't want to live like that. I'm glad we in the politician class don't have any of these strange -- what did you call them again? Loos? Lawns?"

"It's 'laws,' your majesty," the servant explained as she opened another pint of ice cream for the Speaker. Unfortunately, she then timidly informed Pelosi that even the Speaker of the House was supposed to follow the laws. Pelosi immediately pulled a nearby lever and sent her plummeting through a trapdoor into the dungeon. 

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