Pelosi Asks Omar To Clarify Ambiguous Statement That We Should 'Kill The Jews'
Politics · Jun 10, 2021 ·

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has sent a letter to Representative Ilhan Omar asking her to clarify her ambiguous and possibly concerning statement "We should kill all the Jews."

"It's rather unclear what you meant by 'Kill the Jews', Rep. Omar, and we'd appreciate some clarification," Pelosi wrote in a letter to the congresswoman. "We look forward to hearing from your unique perspective as a woman of color and are excited to hear what it is you meant. We know you don't always know how to use words good like we do, so sometimes that can be tough for an oppressed immigrant like yourself. We deeply appreciate any clarification you can offer."

Other members of "The Squad" immediately jumped to Omar's defense, saying her "freedom of speech" was being trampled upon for even asking for clarification on her "Kill the Jews" statement.

"This is outrageous," said Representative Rashida Tlaib. "We oppressed female Muslims can't even eat, breathe, or call for the killing of an entire people without the whites jumping in to attack us. Until we women of color can safely call for the killing of the Jews without raising an eyebrow, we won't truly have freedom of speech in the United States of America."

Omar did eventually clarify her statement, saying she didn't mean "kill the Jews" but rather "murder the Jews."


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