Pastor Asks Congregation To Shake Hands With Literally Every Other Person On Earth Before Service Can Continue
Church · Jun 6, 2018 ·

PLYMOUTH, MI - Every true New Testament church has a greeting time, but one pastor is already taking things to the next level.

Meet Pastor Bob Anderson of Hampton Evangelical Free Church. For several weeks now, the pastor has requested that all attendees mill around the room for a few minutes and greet every other person on planet earth before the service can continue.

"Why don't we all get up and find 7 or 8 billion people we don't know and say 'Good morning! God is good!' to get the ball rolling this morning," the smiling minister said just after the first worship song this past Sunday morning. "We can wait."

"Go ahead, don't be shy!"

Extroverted congregants were then seen terrorizing the world, going from door to door and shouting "God is good!" to frightened citizens of earth. From the church's neighbors to hovels and villages across foreign countries, every single person living on the planet had their hand shaken during the extended period of meet and greet, according to sources.

After the greeting time had wrapped up, the pastor had been asking the church to reply to his greeting of "Good morning!" with sufficient force and volume before he would allow the service to go on.


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