Passionate Burning In Man's Chest During Worship Service Actually Galaxy Note 7 Bursting Into Flames

BELLEVUE, NE—As worshiper Charlie Schaffer lifted his hands in praise Sunday morning, he reportedly experienced a deep burning in his chest, assumed to be the power of the Holy Spirit moving through his soul as he sang emotional worship songs in his church’s contemporary, colorfully-lit sanctuary.

But Schaffer quickly discovered the burning, tingling sensation was actually a direct result of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 he held in his jacket pocket, as the device reportedly heated and burst into flames during the worship set.

Schaffer was immediately rushed to the hospital.

“I was so excited to finally feel the ‘burning in the bosom’ that so many people talk about,” a disappointed, slightly singed Schaffer told reporters gathered around his hospital bed. “So to find out it was just my defective Samsung device was more than a little disheartening.”

According to Schaffer, the visceral feeling of warmness began to grow through his chest just as the worship team built up into a powerful bridge-chorus transition, seemingly confirming his suspicion that the sensation was due to the Spirit moving in a subjective, emotional sense in his heart.

“But when I smelled a hint of smoke and melted skin, I started to suspect it wasn’t the Spirit after all,” he said.

Witnesses report the man then dove to the floor and began to roll to put out the fire sparked by the faulty Samsung battery, screaming for help as he rolled around, but his fellow worshipers were simply overjoyed to “see the Spirit move in such a powerful way,” not realizing his wild and sudden movements were the result of a small fire on his person.

When other church members finally realized what was happening, they called for an ambulance, and gathered to pray that Schaffer would be alright, and would also one day experience a real fire in his heart, figuratively speaking.

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