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Outrage After Obama Outed As White Supremacist

U.S.—Nationwide fury erupted Wednesday after Barack Obama was outed as a raging white supremacist, as progressive activists uncovered years-old video footage of the former president clearly using the “white power” hand signal during a speech.

“What fresh [expletive] is this!!!???” activist Amy Siskind wrote on Twitter, attaching a screen shot of Obama holding his hand in such a manner that the tips of his index finger and thumb were touching, with his middle finger, ring finger, and pinkie pointed upward, positively signaling his allegiance to the ideals of white supremacy.

“Take away his Nobel Peace Prize and remove him from the history books!!!” she added.

“NObama literally tried to bring white supremacy to the White House. What a national outrage and a disgrace to the country,” one influential Twitter user wrote, with yet another declaring, “So, I just tried this myself, to give him the benefit of the doubt – could be an unconscious ‘resting pose?’ It’s not. Very hard to make this configuration without putting some thought and effort,” further solidifying the unfortunate fact about America’s last president.

At publishing time, horrified progressive activists had combed through hours of video and discovered that Hillary Clinton, Beyonce, and Colin Kaepernick are, indeed, also avowed white supremacists.

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