Church Volunteers Accidentally Feed Youth Pastor At Homeless Outreach

POMONA, CA—During a homeless outreach at Holt Community Church, the congregation’s youth pastor was accidentally fed an entire meal by volunteers, sources confirmed Wednesday.

Youth Pastor Sean “Shinobi” Parks was walking through the church gymnasium, where the food and clothing outreach was being held, when he accidentally ended up standing in line and getting fed an entire hot meal.

“I thought it was the line for the bathroom,” he told reporters as he scarfed down a turkey leg. He shrugged. “But then this nice lady handed me a plate with a hot meal on it, and I wasn’t gonna be mean and turn it down or something.”

Workers claimed he “blended in” with the rest of the attendees, and they just figured he was in need of a good meal. “I mean, he had the trucker hat, the denim jacket. Frankly he was under-dressed for the event.”

Parks confirmed it was the first non-ramen meal he’s had in months, and that the church’s punch was a welcome change of pace from his usual regimen of one 12-pack of Mountain Dew per day. The youth pastor stated he plans on returning for next week’s outreach.

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