Opinion: How Do These Elections, Which Pit Us Against Each Other In Win/Lose Scenarios, Keep Leading To Division?
Opinion · Nov 2, 2018 · BabylonBee.com

It should be such a simple thing - a contest in which the winner gets the power to impose his will on others and the loser gets nothing - and yet elections keep leading to division. How this continues to happen is a mystery.

Why can't we come together as one people to elect someone half the population intensely hates? Why does pouring money into these elections and making up a bunch of hype about how absolutely everything is on the line and we will suffer a fate worse than death if the other side wins somehow lead to Americans yelling and screaming at each other?

As far as I know, we used to peacefully try to crush the other side, making sure our guy won and the views of the losing side got absolutely no representation. But something went wrong. And I think I've figured out what. It's that the other side became so bad while my side became even more gooder.

I can only see one way out of this: Obliterate the other side in this upcoming election. Remember: Only one side can win, so it has to be us. That's the only way to stop this division. Get out and vote!


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