Op-Ed: We Must Stop The Old, Incoherent, Corrupt White Man By Electing A Different Old, Incoherent, Corrupt White Man
Op-Ed · Oct 29, 2020 · BabylonBee.com

The man in the White House is too old to govern. He is incoherent. He is rich. He has been accused of sexual misconduct. He is corrupt. And worst of all, he is white.

There's one thing we all must rally to do to stop the old, incoherent, corrupt white man: we must elect a different old, incoherent, corrupt white man.

It's the only way to save the country.

Just take a look at Trump: nothing he says makes any sense. He lies all the time. We must stop this by electing Joe Biden, who also does not make any sense and lies all the time. Of course, his lies are in support of my political viewpoint, so they are morally superior lies. They are more "imperfect statements" than straight-out lies.

President Trump has also been accused of sexual misconduct. That's, like, really bad. He is absolutely disqualified from office. In his place, we must elect Joe Biden, who was also accused of sexual misconduct. But I don't believe his accusers, because he agrees with me politically.

Trump was also impeached for shady dealings with Ukraine. Biden, yes it's true, has some shady dealings with Ukraine. However, nobody reported on them, so did they really happen? Checkmate, Drumpf.

This November, we can either stay on our disastrous course with the old, rich, corrupt, incoherent white man in office, or we can turn to a better future with a completely different old, rich, corrupt, incoherent white man.

The choice is clear.


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