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On Gender, Left Steps Up Effort Against Notorious Hate Group: Reality

U.S.—On trans and gender equality issues, the left have increased their effort against the notorious hate group constantly working against them: reality.

"Reality has for a long time dictated people's beliefs about men and women," said activist Rebecca Vaughn. "And it's time for people to finally stand up against it."

Reality is notoriously stubborn on issues of sex and gender, imposing chromosomes on people that tend to divide them into two distinct groups, male and female, and making the two groups different in immutable ways. This has been the main cause of sexism and gender inequality throughout history, but now many on the left are ready to take it on.

"Reality says you will not have an equal number of women in tech jobs without a lot of unhappy women doing jobs they don't like," said student Steven Brown. "Reality says someone with XY chromosomes participating in a women's sports competition ruins the whole point of having a separate women's division. Reality says a lot of things -- but guess what? We're not listening anymore."

It is widely agreed upon that reality is often unfair, but the main right/left split on gender issues is whether we should try to coexist with reality or denounce it as hate and fight against it. Many see a battle against it as pointless, but others disagree.

"We can defeat reality -- not with facts, not with reason, but with feelings," Vaughn explained. "Also, a lot of yelling at people for being bigots. Look at it this way. Many say you can't make two plus two equal five, but if you yell at people enough and make them scared, maybe deep down they'll never believe two plus two equals five, but they'll not contradict you when you say it. And when that happens, we win and reality loses."

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