Ilhan Omar Endorses Joe Biden After He Confuses Wife With Sister

U.S.—Representative Ilhan Omar had endorsed Bernie Sanders for president, as they saw eye to eye on the best way to destroy the nation's economy and liberties.

But Omar was forced to reconsider her endorsement and eventually switched it over to Joe Biden after the former vice president confused his wife and sister at a recent rally.

"After seeing how Biden mixed up his wife and his sibling, I realized he is the man to lead our nation," Omar said in a speech Tuesday. "Biden appears to be a man of upstanding moral character and fine cognitive ability. Other people think he is senile, but I know what's really going on: he is simply coming to embrace a progressive morality where one is free to marry one's sibling."

"I endorse Joe Biden, pioneer of progressive marital arrangements, for president in 2020."

Bernie Sanders isn't going to take this lying down and says he will marry "gulags full of women" if that's what it takes to regain Omar's endorsement.

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