'OK Boomer, ' Responds 911 Operator As Man Calls Complaining Of Severe Chest Pains
Health · Dec 17, 2019 · BabylonBee.com

ST. PETERSBURG, FL - 911 operator and millennial Kylie Mangine received a call on Tuesday from 67-year-old Carl Fenton complaining of severe chest pains and irregular heart palpitations. Fenton claims that, rather than dispatching emergency services, Mangine simply replied, "OK, boomer." When Fenton went on to beg the operator to send him an ambulance, she went on to respond, "Why so salty, my dude?"

The recording of the call confirms that this was Mangine's response, as did Mangine when interviewed. "Dude was srsly old," she told reporters.

"For realsies," she added.

Mangine's superiors said that her response was timely and appropriate. "I've looked over the transcripts. Everything was on fleek," said her supervisor, Shane Dunhill, age 28.

The fate of Carl Fenton is not known at this time.


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