Ocasio-Cortez Criticized For Not Clearly Labeling Political Platform As Satire
Politics · Jul 24, 2018 · BabylonBee.com

THE BRONX, NY - Up and coming democratic socialist candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been criticized after not clearly labeling the platform on which she is running for Congress as satire.

While the rising political star's support for far-left socialist policies is obviously satirical and not meant to be taken seriously by anyone, many have apparently been deceived by her crazed interviews and political speeches and assumed she was actually running for a congressional seat.

"Millions of people have viewed her interviews and read her statements, but she failed to clearly label them as satire," New York Times correspondent Shane Goldmacher wrote on his Twitter account. "This is dangerous and irresponsible."

Goldmacher and other fact-checkers pointed out that no one in 2018 could seriously support an economically impossible socialist platform, especially after the death and destruction caused by far-left regimes throughout the 20th century. "Her platform is satire, of course, but many people don't go beyond a cursory viewing of her deranged diatribes to fact-check whether or not this woman is for real."

In response to the criticism of spreading her fake campaign platform, Ocasio-Cortez reportedly edited her social media posts to indicate her statements, speeches, and policy positions are satire and not meant to be taken as fact.


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