Obama Reminds Democrats To Save The Far-Left Stuff Until After They Get Elected

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Former President Barack Obama on Friday offered a firm warning to the 2020 Democratic primary field. Worried the candidates may be openly pushing the party too far to the left, he urged them to remember the age-old secret of getting elected as a Democrat.

“They’ve got to save the far-left stuff until after they get elected,” Obama said. “You’ve got to lie a little. ‘Mislead’ is the better term. You won't get elected otherwise. On the campaign you want to stick with the simple stuff like ‘yes we can’ and ‘change.’ Once you’re elected, you can basically go full commie.”

Historically, Obama is correct. Every single Democratic president since Grover Cleveland has won the presidency by simply lying to the American people–or at least misleading them. It worked then, and it would likely work in 2020.

Obama noted that typical Democratic voters are not ready for forced abortions, wealth confiscation at gunpoint, or even labor camps. "Unfortunately," Obama said, "ideas like this take time to develop in the collective mind, so we have to hide them from the American people."

Obama also warned that another four years of President Trump could be devastating to the far-left agenda. Worse, he warned that the continued push for impeachment will likely aid Trump in winning a second term.

“Listen,” Obama said, “If they had tried to impeach me, I’d have been done for real quick. We had so many scandals we actually ran out of code-names for them. But this Ukraine deal, it’s a joke, and it needs to stop.”

The message from Barack Obama is crystal clear. Democrats need to save the far-left talk for November 4, 2020--and stop trying to impeach President Trump for no reason.

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