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Oakland Raiders To Skip Customary Super Bowl Champions' Visit To White House

OAKLAND, CA—In a press conference Friday, the Oakland Raiders confirmed they would not be making a visit to the White House, as is customary for the Super Bowl champions.

Sports commentators have been speculating as to whether the Raiders would make the traditional White House appearance in the Trump era, and they've finally confirmed they will be taking a stand and refusing to visit President Trump.

"After much deliberation, we have decided that visiting the White House as the winners of the Super Bowl would be in bad taste," head coach Jon Gruden told reporters. "The players didn't want to make it appear as though we are supporting Donald Trump. They believe this will be a powerful statement against oppression and racism in 2019."

Other considerations the team factored into the decision included the backlash they would face from some of their fanbase, their desire not to politicize the sport, and the fact that the team went 4-12 this season and did not win the Super Bowl.

"It just seemed like the right decision at this time," Gruden added.

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