New 'Survivor' Spinoff Will Follow 20 Celebrity Christians To See Which One Is Still A Believer In 10 Years
Entertainment · Aug 8, 2019 ·

U.S. - A new spinoff of the popular reality TV show Survivor will follow twenty different Christian celebrities to see which of them is still a believer in ten years.

Dubbed Survivor: Christian Celebs, the exciting show will follow Christian leaders idolized by millions. The show will offer challenges on each episode, from seeing if any of them can quote a Bible verse from memory to checking who actually knows the Apostles' Creed. The contestants will be organized into two tribes: the theologically conservative and the theologically progressive.

Christian celebs are asked to leave the show if they're caught in a scandal or voluntarily abandon the faith. Each episode will have an "Immunity Challenge" where players can find a MacArthur Study Bible hidden somewhere in the country in order to receive immunity from leaving the show no matter how bad their heresy is.

In a preview of an early episode, Steven Furtick loses immunity after giving an illustration of the Trinity that is somehow worse than the popular and heretical three-leaf clover illustration.

Fans examining the trailer also believe Joshua Harris was voted off in the first episode, being asked to scribble his name out of the show's "Book of Life."

The winner of the show will receive a 20% off coupon to


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