New Study Proves Referees Are Totally Biased Against Your Team
Sports · Sep 13, 2021 ·

CAMBRIDGE, MA - Sports researchers at Harvard have proven that the officials are totally biased against your favorite teams. Their report, entitled the Referee Equity and Fairness (REF) study, will be published next month in Sports Illustrated. 

Dr. James Fairplay, the lead researcher on the study for more than two decades, said the results were hardly surprising. "We always suspected the refs were against you, but now we have empirical evidence to back up our hypothesis," he noted. "The REF study proves that the referees, umpires, judges, and other officials at all levels of sport are most definitely always biased against your favorite teams." 

The study, which was the first of its kind, looked at thousands of sporting events since the year 2000. Researchers interviewed hundreds of players, coaches, and fans of all teams involved and asked them to rate the fairness of the officials on anonymous surveys. 

"We found strong evidence of referee bias against your teams in every single survey," Fairplay noted. "This was true at every level, from pee-wee to the pros, and even at the Olympics. Whichever teams you were rooting for, the refs were definitely against them. Honestly, we're not sure why nobody picked up on this before." 

Fairplay also said referee bias is almost certainly the reason why your team didn't make the playoffs last year, and why your fantasy team is doing so poorly. Now that the REF study is concluded, Fairplay said researchers will turn their attention to figuring out whether the broadcasters calling the game on TV are actively rooting against your favorite teams as well.  


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