New 2024 Poll Shows Trump And Biden Trailing Behind Kevin James Meme
Politics · Oct 2, 2023 ·

U.S. — A shocking NBC/WSJ poll released this month shows presidential contenders Donald Trump and Joe Biden trailing far behind a new competitor: a Kevin James meme featuring the actor looking sheepishly at the camera and shrugging.

"We've had a racist orange Russian spy and an 80-year-old vegetable as president; maybe it's time we tried a meme," said political commentator Dirk Bardlederp. "At this point, anything is an improvement over what we have now, and people on both sides of the aisle seem to agree that this photo of Kevin James is likable and deserves a chance to lead the country in 2024."

The digital photo of Kevin James is now polling in the lead, with 91% of likely voters saying they would vote for the meme over Biden and Trump. "I mean, why not, at this point?" said Indiana centrist voter Pam Grundy. "Does any of this matter anymore? Kevin James meme 2024, baby!"

Voters say they trust the meme more than any other candidate when it comes to immigration, the economy, foreign policy, social issues, taxes, the military, crime, the climate, cyber security, foreign trade, education, COVID, terrorism, women's health, human trafficking, inflation, and infrastructure. "It's just a picture being shared on the internet. It doesn't really do anything but give that sheepish smile. I think that might be nice for a change," said Grundy.

At publishing time, the Kevin James meme had named the "Young Keanu Reeves Looking Confused" meme as its running mate.

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