Never Forget: Here Are 12 Artifacts That Have Been Donated To The Smithsonian's Jan. 6th Exhibit
Politics · Jul 9, 2021 ·

The Smithsonian has seen an influx of donations of relics from January 6, the darkest day in our nation's history, if you don't count a few of the big ones. Here are twelve of the most significant artifacts that have been donated so far:

1. Buffalo guy's buffalo hat - This will be displayed on a full wax replica of buffalo guy in a diorama of his natural habitat, grazing out on the plains.

2. The American flag pants Trump was wearing during the attack - Do you think anyone wants a roundhouse kick to the face while Trump is wearing those bad boys? Forget about it.

3. The deadly selfie sticks carried by the attackers - These weapons will forever remind us of their violence.

4. Joe Biden's half-eaten ice cream cone - When he heard about the attack, he fainted (or maybe fell asleep; it's unclear). The ice cream will forever go unlicked. Haunting.

5. Joe Biden - Speaking of ancient relics, Kamala Harris has donated Joe Biden to the museum to be preserved for future generations.

6. A tumbler filled with authentic AOC tears - A rare and beautiful treasure. Sigh, we love AOC.

7. Knittin' MeeMaw's reading glasses - Future generations will get chills down their spines as they view these - the spectacles of a killer.

8. Nancy Pelosi's dentures - The very dentures she was wearing when the attack happened. Wow. So rare!

9. The charred ruins where the Capitol used to be - The giant crater from all the destruction will be preserved forever.

10. The barricades the police officers voluntarily moved aside to let people in - Truly an indication of how violent these rioters were.

11. The 155 mm artillery shell that blew up and killed AOC - Fragments of the shell were recovered and will be displayed along with 400 other things that killed AOC in a special seventeen-room exhibit.

12. Trump's authentic LEGO models of the Capitol, White House, and Pentagon - Once the FBI is finished investigating Trump's extensive LEGO collection, they'll be turned over to the museum.

Be sure to visit the Jan. 6 exhibit the next time you're in D.C.! It will probably be mandatory for all American subjects at some point anyway!



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