Facebook To Warn When You've Been Exposed To Heretical Content
Internet · Jul 9, 2021 · BabylonBee.com

MENLO PARK, CA - Christians have often complained of being censored and suppressed on Facebook, but the big tech giant is trying to make things right. As a special feature for the social network's Christian users, Facebook will now display a warning when you've been exposed to heretical content.

Whether it's a Joel Osteen quote, a Steven Furtick sermon, or a friend posting an inspirational image telling you that God wants you to be happy, healthy, and wealthy, any blatant heresy will now trigger the warning on the social platform.

"Many of our Christian users are constantly coming across heresy all day," said one Facebook programmer. "This feature will allow them to quickly realize when they have been exposed to particularly blatant forms of teaching and doctrine that contradict God's Word."

Users greeted by the warning can click on a link that will take them right to the Bible, or they can watch a qualified Bible teacher explain why the quote they encountered was dangerous.

For users like Joel Osteen, of course, the warning will be slightly modified, telling the prosperity gospel preacher that he has been promoting a false gospel and that he needs to repent and come to Christ.

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