Negative Rings Of Power Reviews All Being Posted By One User 'peterj4cks0n1337'
Entertainment · Sep 3, 2022 ·

WORLD — Amazon's new Rings of Power fanfiction is being somewhat warmly received by critics, but the audience is divided, with lots of negative reviews being posted alongside people who thought it was fine.

But Amazon is now claiming all the negative reviews, in fact, came from one user with the screen name "peterj4cks0n1337".

"Whoever this guy is, he's posted thousands of negative reviews," said one contact at Rotten Tomatoes. "Over and over again. We don't even allow multiple reviews, so it's not clear how he's doing this."

According to those close to the situation, the mysterious internet user has posted reviews including the following:

  • Booooooorriiiing! Peter Jackson did it much better. Guess you guys should have consulted with him, huh?
  • The Hobbit doesn't look so bad anymore, does it, suckers?! HA!
  • Not so easy to make a Lord of the Rings show, is it, ya cheese bags?
  • Elrond looks like that weird kid who always wore a cloak to high school.
  • Galadriel? More like GaladriFAIL.

And one two-word review just read, "Crap sandwich."

Review websites across the internet are scrambling to ban this user's IP address, which appears to be in New Zealand.

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