NBC Debuts New Show 'Law & Order: Falsification Of Business Records Unit'
Entertainment · Apr 5, 2023 · BabylonBee.com

NEW YORK, NY — In order to capitalize on the current focus of New York City prosecutors on offenses related to business record keeping, NBC has announced plans to debut a new show titled Law & Order: Falsification of Business Records Unit.

"This really falls in line with the show's tradition of creating hard-hitting programming that is, as we like to say, ‘ripped from the headlines,'" said NBCUniversal CEO Jeff Shell. "Why should we waste time with Law & Order shows that deal with minor stuff like murder, organized crime, sexual assault, and other totally insignificant cases when we can go after the big stories like inaccurate business bookkeeping?"

The Law & Order franchise has been a powerhouse for NBC for over three decades, but network executives were eager to jump on the new understanding that the greatest crimes facing society today are false business records. "We're seeing how egregious these crimes are that Donald Trump allegedly perpetrated," Shell said. "We can shed more light on these heinous acts and educate our audience about the seriousness of what Trump has done. People are clearly interested in these crimes, right? It's simple. We'll just take stories featuring these types of cases, slap the Law & Order brand name on them, and — BOOM — we've got a hit series!"

At publishing time, NBC was fast-tracking the series into production while President Trump was reportedly already calling producers to negotiate a percentage of the royalties generated by the show as well as potential guest-starring appearances in the near future.

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