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Nation's Liberals Suddenly Opposed To Concept Of Diplomacy

U.S.—Immediately upon hearing the news that President Trump had met with Kim Jong Un in a promising first peace summit Tuesday, the nation’s liberals came out in “strong opposition” to the concept of international diplomacy.

Democrats across the nation warned of the dangers of diplomacy, coincidentally just moments after news of the historic summit between Trump and Kim Jong Un broke.

“I just don’t get why it’s so important to explore diplomacy as an option when dealing with volatile world events,” one progressive in Oregon said. “Trump is doing it, so it must be bad.”

One New York man stated that although he praised President Obama on the occasions that the former president used diplomacy rather than resorting to bombing our nation’s enemies, he’s now “firmly opposed” to diplomacy as a concept. “When Obama did it, it was good. When Trump does it, it’s bad. This isn’t difficult,” he posted on his Twitter account.

The nation’s liberals announced at publishing time that they are preemptively coming out against whatever President Trump does next, no matter what their feelings are about it now.

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