Sports Fans To Continue 24-Year-Long Boycott Of WNBA
Sports · Jul 26, 2020 ·

U.S. - WNBA players recently walked off the court during the national anthem. In response, the nation announced that it would continue its 24-year-long boycott of the WNBA.

Sports fans, casual viewers, and basically everybody said they would continue not watching the WNBA or caring about anything they did.

"Listen, if they're going to disrespect the anthem, we're going to continue not watching the WNBA. Frankly, they could all dress up in star-spangled outfits and sing 'God Bless America,' and we'd still keep the boycott going," said one man in Iowa. "I'd want to support them morally at that point, but I don't know if I could bring myself to watch still. I mean, I can just go to the park and watch some high schoolers shoot hoops for a better experience."

WNBA players vowed to participate in more protests in an attempt to become relevant. "Whatever social movement comes along, we're there, as long as it gets us in the news for a fleeting moment," said one player. "Please acknowledge our existence. Please?"


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