Nation Shocked To Learn Story On BuzzFeed May Not Have Been 100% Factual
Politics · Jan 21, 2019 ·

U.S. - The nation was shocked to learn over the weekend that a story published by the BuzzFeed news organization may not have been entirely factual.

The report by BuzzFeed News that suggested Donald Trump may have directed Michael Cohen to lie to Congress was only called into question after the media shouted it from the rooftops for a full 24 hours. Everyone in the country quickly reported they were "flabbergasted" that the organization built on listicles and clickbait might not have gotten the information in the report 100% correct.

"BuzzFeed has always been my go-to source for quizzes about what Friends character I am, pictures of celebrities proving they're just like me, and in-depth investigations on the Trump administration," said one woman in Connecticut. "I just can't believe a reputable company like that would publish something that might not have been fully vetted first."

Others agreed, stating that they don't know whom they can trust if not a company that constantly publishes headlines full of phrases like "Yass slay queen!" and "Yeet" in them.

Upon the revelation that not all information BuzzFeed publishes is 100% true, the nation scrambled to their computers to reevaluate the results of their "Which character in The Big Bang Theory is your spirit animal?" quiz, sources confirmed at publishing time.

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