Nation Adds Checking If World War 3 Started Yet To Comfort Of Morning Routine
U.S. · Jun 12, 2017 ·

U.S. - According to reports from around the nation, Americans have modified their collective morning regimens to include checking if World War 3 has started yet.

The majority of citizens have added the activity between brushing their teeth and making their morning pot of coffee, sources confirmed.

"Americans everywhere have begun casually pulling out their smartphones and Googling 'Has WW3 officially started yet?' as they finish rinsing out their mouths," one expert stated Monday. "We believe a familiar, comforting routine that includes checking whether or not Western civilization is about to collapse is vital to starting your day out right."

The expert further recommended checking online sources several times a day to confirm whether or not the world is on the verge of melting in a devastating nuclear fire.

According to the expert, other searches like "has North Korea launched a nuke at us yet," "how to build a survival bunker," and "what will be the accepted currency in the coming post-apocalyptic wasteland" are also popular additions to Americans' morning regimens.

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