MSNBC Reporter Seen Hanging 'The Jurors Are Here' Sign On Their Hotel

KENOSHA, WI—As deliberations continue in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, concerns have been raised about the jurors' safety as an MSNBC reporter was spotted hanging a sign on their hotel reading "THE JURORS ARE HERE".

The jury had indicated they were a little bit concerned as they saw the van tailing them and alerted authorities, but by the time they got there, the journalist had already hung the sign telling everyone where they were.

"This is a little worrying," said one juror as she got off the bus and saw the sign being hung outside their hotel room as they continued their work determining Rittenhouse's fate. "I mean, wouldn't people know that we're here?"

The MSNBC reporter claimed they were given instructions by the courthouse to follow the jurors' bus, put the sign up on their hotel, and sneak in and hide inside a closet for the duration of deliberations. The judge said he "said no such thing" and banned MSNBC from the courthouse and also from playing XBOX Live with him and Rittenhouse until the trial is over.

The reporter is slated to win a Pulitzer.

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