Missions Trip Disaster: Students Arrive To Find Tribesmen Already Christians
Christian Living · Feb 12, 2019 · BabylonBee.com

UGANDA - Well, this isn't good. After students at Bungee Xtreme Youth Group spent the past six months pestering their friends and family to help fund their missions trip to Africa, they arrived this morning to discover that the tribesmen had been converted to Christianity in the fall.

"Ugh. Back to the drawing board," youth pastor Vince "Code Red" Montana said. "I thought for sure no one had gotten to these guys yet. I guess I was looking at the map wrong."

According to a spokesperson for the tribe, a competing youth group at the Methodist church across town had beaten Bungee Xtreme Youth Group to the punch, arriving several months ago and converting all the tribespeople to Christ as well as building them 17 separate shoddy buildings they don't actually need.

"Friggin' Methodists," Montana muttered under his breath.

The missions trip wasn't a total waste, however, as students are still going to spend the next three weeks sightseeing and playing fun games as originally planned.

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