New Toyota Prius Will Remind You To Check Your Privilege Every 3,000 Miles
Worldviews · Feb 13, 2019 ·

PLANO, TX - Toyota USA has announced that the latest model of the Prius will come with a brand new warning light installed in the dashboard. Every 3,000 miles, drivers will be prompted to check their privilege. "We believe this warning light will be another great feature that makes Prius drivers feel superior to other people," said Toyota Executive of Marketing Sabrina Dwyer.

After the Check Privilege light comes on, drivers will need to stop by their nearest affiliate privilege-checking center to get their privilege certified and processed. Once a driver has been approved as having sufficiently checked their privilege, the light will be turned off using a unique code only university-certified privilege specialists are allowed access to. Once disabled, the light will come back on in another 3,000 miles to make sure the car never runs too long without the driver's privilege freshly in check.

However, if the driver does not check their privilege, the car's dashboard will chime incessantly until the problem is addressed. If the driver attempts to drive more than 30 more miles without checking their privilege, the car will automatically drive them into a pit of spikes which have been installed beneath the streets in most major cities in the last year.

Customers interested in purchasing the car without this new feature have been asked to back the step up and check their privilege.

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