Proud Millennial Stands By As His Dad Completes Home Improvement Project For Him
Family · Feb 26, 2020 ·

MILWAUKEE, WI - Local millennial Brandon Waters has had a pretty tough time adjusting to homeownership. He has bills, pests, neighbors, and, of course, constantly accumulating home improvement projects. Luckily, Brandon has a dad for that.

This week, Brandon was given the task of replacing the ceiling fan in his master bedroom - a task, he says, that's as easy as pie. "All I had to do was call up my dad," Waters bragged. "Easy peasy. The best part, he was already at Home Depot, so I didn't even have to leave the house."

When his dad arrived, Waters had just finished a chapter in his book, so it was perfect timing. The duo got right to work. Brandon gathered each tool, one by one, then stood by and watched as his dad did all the work. "I need a Phillips head," his father said, standing on a ladder. "A what?" Waters asked. Eventually, Waters did come back with a screwdriver, but not before grabbing a few drinks and checking the score of the baseball game.

Waters continued to stand by - so incredibly proud of himself - and watch his dad do all the work. He disposed of the old fan, not bothering to disassemble the piece of junk, then, once again, checked on the game and grabbed a few drinks.

Once the project was finished, Waters threw out some more trash, wiped his hands clean, and showed his dad to the door. "Wow, that was easy," Waters said to his longtime girlfriend. "You know, I think we should get married. Your dad's pretty handy, right?"

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