Mike Lindell Announces 21 New MyPillow Spinoffs
Buzzing · Jun 27, 2022 · BabylonBee.com

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Mike Lindell has done it again. This time the inventor of the enormously popular MyPillow is expanding his market to never before reached groups.

So whether you have a MyPillow already or not—don't worry! Check out this list of his latest and greatest pillows to find the perfect pillow just for you!

1) CryPillow: for libs to cry harder into.

2) ThyPillow: for KJV enthusiasts.

3) RyePillow: we're pretty sure this is just a loaf of bread with a pillowcase on it but we'll take 3!

4) MeesaPillow: for Gungans.

5) HighPillow: for stoners.

6) ThighPillow: for lower back support.

7) BiPillow: sometimes it's hot sometimes it's cold, there's just no telling with this pillow.

8) My Pillow, My My Pillow, My Pillow, My My Pillow, My Pillow, My My Pillow: for worship leaders.

9) DiePillow: Great comfort even when you're 6ft under.

10) MySkrillow: for dubstep enthusiasts.

11) GuyPillow: Welcome to Slumber Town with this Guy Fieri-inspired pillow.

12) TheBigLie Pillow: Biden's pillow of choice.

13) CobraKaiPillow: For karate enthusiasts.

14) WhyPillow: For philosophers.

15) SighPillow: For when your wife is mad and won't say what's wrong but insists "it's fine".

16) DoOrDoNotThereIsNoTryPillow: for the special Jedi in your life.

17) AyeAyePillow: the sea is treacherous but that doesn't mean a pirate's pillow has to be too.

18) iPillow: for Apple enthusiasts. Starting at only $249.

19) DryPillow: Okay, Mike, this is clearly just a sponge and not a pillow.

20) VibePillow: this pillow be bussin' no cap fr fr.

21) ByeByeByePillow: for N'SYNC fans out there.

Well, we hope you found your perfect pillow or pillows! Be sure to let us know what exciting pillows Mike Lindell should make next.

Not Satire: Between Big Tech censorship and the public-private partnership his company MyPillow which is based in Minnesota and employs over 2,500 Americans has been BANNED from many online retailers and payment sites. WALMART is now added to this mix. Why? Because Mike Lindell isn't afraid to STAND UP to the Leftist mobs. Help Mike and fight back today using Promo: BEE.

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