Meet Steve, The Last Remaining American Who Doesn't Have A Podcast
Life · Dec 14, 2021 ·

We recently caught up with Steve in Eastern Texas. Steve is unassuming, an ordinary guy on the surface, but underneath he harbors a dark secret: he's the last remaining holdout who hasn't yet started his own podcast.

BABYLON BEE: So, you don't have a podcast? Tell us about that.

STEVE: What? Who are you? How'd you get on my property?

BEE: We're journalists. We can do what we want.

STEVE: Oh. Yeah, I guess I just never got around to starting a podcast. I picked up one of them Shure SM7Bs a while back and thought about starting a weekly show about fly fishing, but ya know. Life gets in the way.

BEE: Any plans to start one anytime soon?

STEVE: Nah, I think I'll stay out of the podcast space for a while. I'm kind of enjoying life and you know. It's hard to get guests every week.

BEE: You're telling us. You can only interview so many Christian musicians who were popular in the '90s before you start running out of steam.


BEE: Yep.


BEE: Welp, see ya later!

UPDATE: At time of publication, Steve had announced a podcast about his experience being the only person without a podcast.

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