Meet Harvey, The Weirdo Who Keeps Clicking On All Those Toe Fungus Ads
Lifestyle · Feb 8, 2024 ·

TUSCALOOSA, AL — A mystery that has lingered for years has finally been solved. Meet local man, Harvey Finkel, the weirdo who keeps clicking on all those toe fungus ads.

Finkel, who says he relishes the strange hobby, has singlehandedly kept the bizarre web marketing strategy of displaying unsettling photos of disgusting skin conditions in business by obsessively clicking on each and every ad he finds while browsing online.

"I love this stuff," Finkel said. "It all started when I was genuinely curious if a strange rash I had on my foot was something serious. I happened to see an ad in an online news article that showed someone's toes covered with disturbing purple scales. I clicked on it, and from that day on, I've been hooked. There's nothing else like it."

What began as a simple curiosity soon developed into a full-blown obsession, as Finkel started taking days off from work to continue searching for the grossest skin photograph ads he could find. "I started collecting them," he said. "Really fascinating stuff. Have you seen the one with the lady who has teeth growing out of her knuckles? That's a great one. I had that one printed out so I could frame it and hang it on the wall above my fireplace."

Though they are concerned about Finkel's hobby, his friends say they have simply learned not to engage him in conversation about it or visit his home. "Yeah, I just avoid letting the subject come up. I hate those ads," said one acquaintance. "They give me the creeps. Come to think of it, Harvey might be a serial killer."

At publishing time, Finkel was looking for a publisher to help him market his toe fungus advertisement coffee table photograph book.

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