Mattel Unveils Barbie: Polygamy Edition

EL SEGUNDO, CA—In a move to be more open and inclusive toward different sexual orientations, Mattel announced Thursday the company is releasing Barbie: Polygamy Edition, a series of dolls that feature Ken with multiple wives.

A Mattel rep proudly unveiled the first box set, which features Ken with several blonde wives who all look suspiciously like Barbie.

"Love is love, whether that's a man doll and a man doll or Ken with multiple Barbie lookalikes," a Mattel rep said. "Who are we to exclude any lifestyle from the Barbie experience?"

The company was reportedly inspired to create the set when a fundamentalist Mormon family in Utah couldn't find a Barbie set that accurately represented their lifestyle to give to their twelve daughters for Christmas. The family wrote to Mattel, and the company soon announced Polygamy Edition.

In addition to the generic version, the set comes in fundamentalist Mormon flavors.

Children are encouraged to "collect all 70 wives" to complete their play set, with additional sister wives for the male Barbie dolls sold separately. The toy is expected to sell out quickly this Christmas season, so make sure to run down to your local Target, Walmart, or Ensign Books and pick up a set today.

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