Matt Walsh’s Family Asks If One Night This Year They Can Watch Something Besides 'What Is A Woman?'
Worldviews · Jun 2, 2023 ·

NASHVILLE, TN — Movie Night at the Walsh household was thrown into turmoil last night, as political commentator Matt Walsh's family pleaded with him to let them watch something other than his documentary film What is a Woman? at some point this year.

"Please, Dad? Can we just watch something else? Anything else?" one of his children asked after their father informed them he would be showing the documentary once again. "We've seen it so many times already. I have it memorized! Can we maybe just watch The Lion King?"

"The Lion King?! Disney?! You must be joking," Walsh replied. "We're going to watch the most meaningful film of this century, the film that is saving our culture from unspeakable human depravity. Your imbecilic child brain can't begin to fathom what a gift this is to you. Now, let's watch!"

"Honey, maybe we can just make an exception this one time," Matt's wife, Alissa, said. "We can watch your movie again next week, but maybe something different tonight?"

"Are you trying to censor me?" Walsh asked incredulously. "One phone call to Jeremy and he'll have a 38-tweet thread posted before you can blink. It's Movie Night, and the movie is What is a Woman?" Walsh then made sure his wife and children were all present before dimming the lights and starting the movie.

At publishing time, the Walsh family was last seen nodding politely as Matt paused the movie for the 17th time to provide exclusive behind-the-scenes commentary on each scene.

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