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Man's Family Forced To Sleep In Tent After Being Displaced By Theology Book Collection

CHILLICOTHE, OH—Local man Greg Goodby confirmed Wednesday that his wife and kids have been displaced by his rapidly growing theology book collection, and were finally forced to sleep in a tent outside on the front lawn after the last free square inch of space in their home was taken up by his latest Amazon order.

Goodby reportedly orders dozens of books on Christian living, theology proper, and church history every day, while he only manages to actually read a book every two months.

“I offered them a comfy place to sleep atop Calvin’s Institutes, but they turned it down,” the man said while sitting on a throne fashioned out of dozens of systematic theologies. “So we got out the old camping gear and I tried to make them a comfortable place out on the lawn.

At publishing time, Goodby’s family had been displaced into the family van after the man’s most recent order of theology books were offloaded from a tractor-trailer into the spot the tent was previously occupying.

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