Man Who Has Never Shared Jesus With Anyone Criticizes Slain Missionary's Lack Of Wisdom
Christian Living · Nov 26, 2018 ·

PENSACOLA, FL - Local believer Michael Frederick, who has never shared the gospel with anyone in his entire life, posted a Facebook comment Monday in which he criticized recently martyred missionary John Allen Chau's "lack of wisdom" in how he approached the violent North Sentinelese people.

The Christian man posted a scathing critique of the man killed trying to bring Jesus to the unreached tribes of the world, pointing out that he could have stayed safe if he had just never bothered preaching the gospel at all.

"See, if this missionary had just done what I do and kept his mouth shut about Jesus, he'd still be alive," Frederick wrote. "It was pretty foolish of him to just rush in there like that after years of preparation and radically giving his life to Jesus on the mission field. He should have waited another few decades, or just never shared Jesus at all."

"My plan is pretty foolproof," he added, pointing out that he runs zero risk of ever being slain for his faith, because no one even knows he's a Christian.

Frederick's incisive analysis also included the assertion that Chau's actions didn't accomplish anything, despite the millions of American Christians who are now praying for the salvation of the North Sentinelese peoples who don't know Jesus.

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