Man Vows To Love People Who Are Different Than Him If He Ever Meets One
Christian Living · May 29, 2019 ·

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AMARILLO, TX - After reading Christ's command to love his neighbor as himself Wednesday morning, local Christian Mark Kaylor felt convicted, since he hadn't made a concerted effort to leave his comfort zone and go meet people different from him in order to love them as Jesus commanded.

So Kaylor made a vow right then and there: he would show the love of Christ to people who are different than him, on the off-chance that he ever meets one.

"Hopefully it won't come to that, though," he added as he peered out his blinds.

"I'm confident if Jesus wants them to be reached, he'll put someone in their lives," he said. "Either he'll send someone else, or he'll divinely ordain things so that we will accidentally make contact at some point in the future. Though I'm doing my best to make sure that never happens."

In the meantime, Kaylor plans on hiding out in his suburban home as often as possible, only leaving to go to work, make quick trips to the Starbucks down the street, and attend his local church, where everyone is just like him and agrees with him on everything.

At publishing time, the man had dove into some bushes when someone who looked a little different than him had walked by on the street.

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