Man Repents Of Making People Feel Awkward While Evangelizing
Christian Living · Jul 17, 2018 ·

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WALTHAM, MA - After claiming he was deeply convicted of the wrongness of his actions, local Christian Michael Gunter fell to his knees in a moment of heartfelt prayer and repented for all the times he has made people feel awkward while attempting to spread the good news of Jesus Christ in his community.

The man confessed he has committed the "great sin" of making people feel awkward for a minute or two as he declares the gospel that has the power to change their eternity, and promised God that he would not evangelize as much going forward, "or at least not be so weird about it."

"Lord, I'm just so sorry that I created a few seconds of awkwardness by offering to share your life-changing gospel with people," he said, as tears streamed down his face. "I've wasted so many years!" Gunter then vowed to God that he would never make anyone feel awkward while evangelizing ever again, "just like Jesus says in the Great Commission."

Not sure what to do with his newfound time now that he won't be evangelizing, Gunter has stated he's thinking about taking up a new sport or hobby that will make him look "like less of a Jesus freak" to the unchurched in his area.

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