Man Interrupts Worship Song To Call Out Grammatical Errors On Lyric Slide
Church ยท May 20, 2019

LAKESIDE SHORES, TX - Local churchgoer Brad Sandersen abruptly interrupted the worship band at Revolutions Church Sunday in order to call out several grammatical errors on the lyric slides.

"Hey, can you guys stop playing for a second!" he shouted as yet another slide with error after error appeared on the screen. The confused worship band stopped its performance as he jumped up on stage to lecture the church on the grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors throughout the slideshow. "What is this, amateur hour? Did anyone proofread this thing? Did anyone at this church ever take an English class past the fifth grade? Holy Moses, people!"

"I'm sorry, I know we're trying to worship the King of Kings here, but am I the only one around here who knows the difference between 'its' and 'it's'?" he said after shouting for the worship band to stop the song. "Does anyone else in this freaking church have any freaking idea where an apostrophe is supposed to go? ANYONE!?!?"

Sandersen was tranquilized and removed from the service by security. He's been asked not to come back as it's his third strike.


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